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MadPlayer fixed1t Mac Midi Driver Request

Some years ago I developed and Mac Midi Driver for the MadWaves Madplayer after the company went bust and the old driver became extinct as it was tied to old Apple systems. The driver is relatively straight forward to install and allows you to use the MadPlayer as a sophisticated External Midi Sound Module for you Apple computer. Here is a simple video I created to show the installation.

MadWaves MadPlayer Mac X 10.7 10.13 fixed1t Midi Driver Installation - Part 1

This driver is great for those of us who have had to consign the amazing MadPlayer to the shelf or junk box.

If you wish to receive a copy of the fixed1t MadPlayer Mac Midi Driver just donate using the paypal me link below


and then email me to say you've donated, once I confirm the donation has been cleared I will send you a copy of the driver and instructions.


If you came via Youtube and don't have an amazing MadPlayer music creation device then you can skip to the next paragraph.

May I Thank You In Advance For All Your Generous Help And Support

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