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WiFi Greyed Out Network Access Fix Part 4

In this fixed1t YouTube video I highlight a problem of the WiFi Intermittently switching off before staying off. The only fix for this is an expensive hardware repair. However, I have worked out a simple and effective workaround using some readily available parts. To keep down costs I have listed the parts available on ebay below:


Clicked Here For The USB 3 Lan Network Hub


How To Fix A Faulty Google Chromebook Keyboard - Part 1

Keyboards Regularly Become Defective And Need Fixing Or The Keyboard Replacing But The Price Of A Replacement Keyboard For A HP Google Chromebook Is Over £99. I'm Not Paying Those Prices So I've Chosen To Fix It Myself In This Multi-Part Video.

Below is the link to the equipment I used in the video, should you wish to purchase it yourself.


Wire Glue Used By fixed1t For Electronic Repairs

How To Replace Rotary Clothes Line Cord

This video is about How To Replace Rotary Clothes Line Cord Do You Have An Outdoor Rotary Clothes Line Or Rotary Washing Line Dryer?

Is The Cord Perished And Cracked Leaving Dirty Marks And Stains On Your Clothes. This #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips Video, Shows How To Fix It Using Replacement Cord

Below is the link to the equipment I used in the video, should you wish to purchase it yourself.


Click Here To Purchase A Rotary Clothes Line Cords

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Best Small Battery Tester Ever - fixed1t Recommendation

For years I've been buying small Battery Testers Only to feel I've been Ripped-OffWhen I Discover They Are Utterly Useless

I've Found One That Really Works And Throughly Recommend It

Click Here For The Voltcraft Battery Testers

Fix Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet Cistern By Replacing The Flush Valve Washer

If your toilet continues to dribble constantly running water into the toilet bowl after it flushes and you can't here the refill valve refilling the cistern, then the flush flap valve is leaking. This video shows you how to get to the flush flap valve to clean it or replace it, thereby solving the problem.


Click Here To Purchase Flush Washers

Fixing Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Inlet Fill Valve

Fixing Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Inlet Fill Valve Without Any Complex Tools Or Parts. A constantly running Toilet can cost a huge amount of money in wasted clean water, here is a simple emergency plumbing fix I use.


Click Here To Purchase Cistern Inlet Fill Valves

Save Money How to lengthen Two Short RJ45 Cat 5 Network Cables Using A Cheap RJ45 Connector

The out of the box Router or Broadband box come with short Cat 5 cables, they are often too short to use, but don't throw them away, with a couple of cheap effective connectors they can be easily joined together with a simple straight through connector.


Clink Here To Purchase RJ45 Network Coupling Adapters

Using The HP-4070C SMD Multimeter On PCB Keyboard Ribbon Cables

Google Chromebook Keyboards Have An Inherent fault, in that their Keyboard Ribbon Cables Tear. To Test These Fine Cables You Need Ultrafine Points On Your Continuity Test Meter. This Amazing HP-4070C Meter Is Perfect For The Job As Can Be Seen In The Video.


Click Here To For HP-4070C Tester



Replacement Dual Flush Cistern Buttons

In the likelyhood that you applied too much force to the dual flush buttons, before watching my video you may need replacements of the buttons and the rods.


Click Here To Get Dual Flush Replacement Buttons